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After the Twin Towers catastrophe of September 11, 2001 World Vision International a non-profit Christian organization sought to provide financial resources for the establishment of small community crisis centers to help the victims of this disasters cope with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma of this tragedy. Mercy an Outreach Ministry of the Bay Ridge Christian Center was selected as a sight location for this program.

One year later it was clearly evident that the effects of 9/11 were not limited only to its immediate victims but also overlapped into all facets of everyday life through the fears and uncertainty of another attack. Expressions of hate, anger, distrust, and insecurity opened an array of unresolved issues in people’s lives far from the epicenter of ground zero. Today in its progression the Healing Center has extended its counseling program to help meet the needs of the people free of any charge or obligation.

Our quest is to provide a community based counseling program that will not only provide immediate assistance but can become a primary Case Finding and Referral Agent. Our vision is to become a catalyst or a transitional bridge identifying, and meeting the needs of faith based congregants, the community, and those marginalized individuals and families that slip through the cracks of professional help.

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Why us?

The Joint Commission survey of National Mental Health resources revealed that when people felt emotionally distressed they preponderantly turned first to a clergyman or faith related person based on trust and relationship: 42% saw a clergyman, 29% saw a doctor, and 18% a mental health professional. There are multiplicities of reasons why clergy are chosen. Clergy are the most numerous of professionals, they are widely scattered so that they are geographically accessible, they are easy to contact at any time, services are free of charge, their role and function are usually well known so that people know what to expect, and they have ongoing contacts already established with many people, so that in times of crisis it is natural to turn to them.

We have concluded that people in distress are looking for someone who could give them hope, comfort, advice, support, and re-assurance. Most people are not seeking immediate changes in themselves, but rather are looking for emotional support that can help them travel through their crisis. Through this process a person will have a clearer picture of their circumstance leading towards a self-revealed spiritual and natural transition of change. Data also suggests that people see the clergy as helpful, making few demands on the person in distress, whereas mental health professionals are more apt to give immediate assistance through prescription drugs and theorized strategies of behavior modification.

In its fourth year of church and community service The Crisis Intervention Healing Center stands as a God-centric program focused on providing our services through the grace and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Counseling sessions adhere to strict standards of confidentiality and ethical policies. To schedule an appointment please call Ministro Angel Roman at 718-238-4000 ext. 125, or contact us to healing@whccny.org

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